Slow Living is about living in the moment, being still and bringing a constructive pause in your life. 

During my life, I have constantly lived in the fast lane - whether it be work, play or just being. Life seemed dull when I slowed down.

My work as a stewardess meant that I was always on the go, travelling across the world and racing to make the most of each destination. Living such a busy life with such limitations on time made me feel like slowing down was not an option. However, I learnt the importance of slowing down when I became extremely ill as a result of my vocation.

During the time I was ill, I started to research burn out, yoga, ayurveda, and philosophy. All of these disciplines mention the importance of slowing down and simplifying in order to experience the pause. To pause is to be in the moment: to take your foot off the pedal, to unwind, reflect, and be still.

In moments of pause we allow the release of any stress hormones and give our mind, body, and spirit time to rebalance and come into focus on the present. This release is vital for our wellbeing as we are pushed to live in this incredibly fast world, and allows us to pace ourselves and increase our energy and lift.

Some of my favourite ideas for practising slow living:

  • No rushing. Try to plan things so you have more time getting somewhere - set your watch 5 minutes ahead of time. On the way slow down your walking, breathe, and focus on each step that you take. 

  • Slow down your breathing. If possible, pause between each activity during your day. If possible pause: close your eyes, breathe in slowly, and then move on to the next activity.

  • Take the time to prepare, eat, and clean up after meals - listen to your favourite piece of music and focus fully on the activity that you’re doing.

  • Focus on the moment. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow too much. After dinner each night complete your to-do list for a restful evening and peaceful nights sleep. 

  • Create space. Declutter your mind, body and surroundings. Meditation is great for this!

  • Switch off technology around 7pm each night, leave your phone in another room - read and relax. 

  • Connect often. Have a conversation, laugh, enjoy nurturing time with the people that you want to be with. 

  • Say No! when it doesn’t feel right. This may take some practise!

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